Fusion IO – ioControl

Increase application performance and density with the ioControl

The ioControl Hybrid Storage solution combines flash with disk, making performance affordable. Unlike other hybrid storage systems, Fusion ioControl’s integrated software gives you the ability to provision, prioritise and control shared storage performance. The result is a perfect balance of high-performance memory-attached flash and affordable disk capacity.

Whether it’s virtualising more servers, deploying VDI, or accelerating business applications, your storage must deliver consistent performance. Take control of your shared storage performance needs with Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage.

ioControl combines Fusion ioMemory enterprise flash with disk capacity to deliver industry-leading performance. Unlike other hybrid flash arrays, ioControl provides the ability to provision and prioritise storage resources with Quality of Service (QoS) policies. QoS policies are assigned to each volume independently, and define input/output operations, throughput and latency performance minimums for each application.

Amplify ioControl hybrid flash performance with SPX intelligent server caching. ioControl SPX adds server caching to ioControl, creating an end-to-end storage performance solution for data-intensive application clusters such as VMware and Microsoft SQL Server. Powered by Fusion ioMemory, and combined with high capacity disk drives, ioControl delivers 5x lower £/GB than disk drives and 10x lower £/IOPS than solid-state drives.