Flash Storage

Flash storage is any data repository or system that uses flash memory.  Flash storage can range in size and complexity from portable USB jump drives to enterprise class array based memory systems. Flash represents the most disruptive technology to emerge in enterprise networks in recent years.  Flash Storage offers higher IOPS and lower latency reducing the need for storage over-provisioning, requiring much less power, cooling and physical space than HDDs. In addition flash storage is more operationally effective with costs coming down, creating an attractive offer of greater performance at a lowering cost.

However it is worth noting flash storage is still significantly more expensive than hard disk drives in terms of capacity.   As workload capacities demand higher IOPS many enterprises do start to find their workloads are perfectly positioned for flash’s cost to performance ratio.

Many enterprises are starting to look at hybrid storage solutions, combining the best of both traditional HDD storage and flash storage to achieve the best price performance ratio.

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